Our Chefs

We want to thank our chef, Chef Stev George for providing excellent menus and guidance to create a wonderful event. His friendly ways and his great knowledge gave us confidence to produce a great meal.
I know we were few in numbers for this event, but our knowledge and willingness to help worked to produce a great meal. Congratulations to everyone. We want to thank our team leaders for working us hard and keeping us on time. We all arrived at 5pm sharp and completed all our tasks by 8. Thank you.
We were particularly impressed by our two guests who jumped right in and performed the prep work as if they have been doing it for years. They did not hesitate to clean up the prep and the dining area. Thank you, Dan Young and Clark Hortsig. We also want to thank Michel Alsayegh, LMI Secretary for driving from Montreal to be with us. He brought great ideas for us to improve how we do things. He is a great chef and sommelier.
Again, as always, the wines matched extremely well with the food. Thank you, Don.
We started a new practice on Monday that if there are left overs the food will be for sale. This should help bring in revenue and cut back on any waste. This practice will continue.
Thank you to Jim and Bill for getting the shopping done. The seafood was a challenge, well done.
Enjoy the rest of your winter. We look forward to seeing you on April 24th, when we will be honoring our recipient of our bursary, the Grad Student as selected by the teachers. That student will be our guest chef.
Scott and Robert